How It Works

Slope Angle
As the skier or snowboarder uses the slope, the carpet is angled from the back so that there is a natural downward movement. However, this is compensated by the upward movement of the carpet which rotates around two rollers, one at the top and one at the bottom of the slope. The slope angle can be changed by the coach from 9-20 degrees.

Speed of Rotation
The speed of rotation of the carpet can also be adjusted by the coach from 0 – 20 mph. With these two adjustable variables, the slopes can accommodate an absolute beginner to a World Cup skier.

The Metal Bar
There is a metal bar at the bottom of the slope which can be held onto by beginners to gain their balance and to learn the initial techniques of snowplough.

The Mirror
The mirror is used to get real time feedback on your technique.

Boots: the better the fit, the better the control over the skis. The skis we use are the same as any standard carving ski but due to the resistance the carpet creates, we do blunt the edges. We adjust our skis so that they release more quickly than on snow. These are the reasons why we ask you to use our skis rather than your own.